On-Demand Systems is an innovative business and technology consulting services firm that enable companies to harness Cloud Computing to meet their business objectives. Our primary focus is on helping small and medium-sized businesses reduce the risk and costs associated with the adoption of public and private cloud initiatives.

On-Demand Systems offers expertise in helping companies take advantage of the many cost savings proposed by migrating business functions into the Cloud. Cloud computing is one of the most significant trends in IT today. Organisations of all sizes are evaluating various cloud computing solutions that promise increased productivity, lower cost, better security and reliability. On-Demand Systems can help your organisation realise many of these claims. Our expertise in consulting services is built on decades of experience in technology and client services. Our companies vision it to provide greater efficiencies of operations and user benefits to business infrastructures; in particular, providing the small and medium size businesses with the same competitive advantages as larger firms.

On-Demand Systems has partnered with key software companies to deliver results-orientated solutions to our customers. Our approaches are driven by business needs, creating strong business and IT partnerships, and clarifying the many complex technology challenges companies face. We operate a “plain English policy” which means we will not overwhelm you with technological jargon but we will work to understand your challenges and relay our approach in language you can understand.

For more information on how On-Demand Systems could help your organisation increase productivity while reducing operational costs please contact one of our dedicated Project Managers.