Cloud Concept

Cloud Concept

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Cloud computing gives your businesses instant, on demand computing and storage resources without upfront costs. On-Demand Systems offers our customers consulting services to reduce the risk and costs associated with the adoption of public and private cloud systems.

Cloud Computing offers a new approach to providing IT for business. However for many organisations the concept of Cloud can be confusing and the business benefits are not always clear. On-Demand Systems helps organisations to understand the key technologies behind Cloud and the business benefit that can be driven from the uptake of Cloud services. The introduction / readiness service is a packaged offering that helps clients to:

  • Understand the key technologies behind Cloud
  • Understand the impact that Cloud will have on your business
  • Identify business benefits that could be made by making use of Cloud services
  • Identify Cloud services most applicable to their business
Developing a practical strategy and business case is critical to the success of a cloud program. Our engagements are tailored to align with your business goals and associated IT strategy. It is common for our customers to have themes which represent the underlying motivation for cloud adoption. Examples include:

  • Shutting down existing data centers and moving workloads to an external service provider
  • Moving greenfield application delivery to IaaS and PaaS providers
  • Establishing internal private clouds and modifying the IT processes to align with an agile operating model
  • Leveraging clouds for disaster recovery, dev/test labs, burst workloads and high performance computing

Our strategy and business case consulting engagement results in a set of recommendations to achieve your vision. Emphasis is placed on understanding the costs, potential ROI and the inevitable risks. In addition, we provide you with a project plans that can be tailored to your risk tolerance. Aggressive companies can choose to run multiple work streams in parallel to achieve quicker results, while risk-adverse companies can adopt a slower, incremental approach.

The two most common reasons companies are adopting cloud computing are: 1) reducing costs, 2) improving agility. Our organisational change management (OCM) program focuses on the second motivation, improving agility. Self-service clouds enable a much more fluid IT supply chain. Architects, developers, QA professionals, release managers, operations specialists are all affected. The knee-jerk reaction is often to resist change. On-Demand Systems helps organisations adopt an agile IT model that embraces the capabilities offered by the cloud infrastructure. Our OCM specialists:

  • Identify new processes, policies and practices and retiring outdated approaches
  • Assess team members’ job knowledge and making recommendations for education and job transitions
  • Brand the cloud program, defining the key messages and delivering a long-term plan for change
  • Execute change campaigns that bring awareness to the program and its successes